Works of Art


The concept of Art Homes consists of creating and selling places transformed by Gérard Faivre into real works of art.


To create an original and unique work, Gérard Faivre immerses in the spirit of each property. For him, every place is a blank canvas and a source of inspiration. Depending on the emotions that emerge, he looks for the perfect layout that he completes with works of art.


As a lover of art, collaborating with artists is evident. He offers the possibility to painters, sculptors and photographers to exhibit their works in a place of prestige and thus to find a buyer who will then be its future owner, if there’s a wow factor.


At Domaine de Bigot, Gérard Faivre involves artists from the region.


For the paintings:


- Bright and traditional landscapes with Joseph Bayol and Sylvain Buffile.

- Contemporary works where the colours explode with Julie Botton, France Courpotin and Cédric Bernadotte.

- Homage to Provence by Russian artists who immortalize their travel memories on canvas. Paintings exhibited at the Impressionist Gallery of Baux of Provence.


For the sculptures, Gérard Faivre is seduced by monumental works by Francis Guerrier, Flavie Van Der Stigghel and Nicolas Eres. They make the garden live with which they harmonise perfectly and seem to come alive.